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IBU-160i Intelligent Distribution Amplifier



The IBU-160i is a general-purpose frequency distribution amplifier designed for use with Brandywine high precision time sources.

The IBU-160i is contained in a compact IU rack- mount chassis. The IBU accepts two sets of inputs, comprising the reference input (100 Hz – 100 KHz) and status from the source. The IBU provides automatic changeover should one of the on-line source inputs fail. Manual source select override is available on the front panel, or through the Ethernet interface.

A variety of status indicators are located on the front panel for instant visual feedback, together with manual controls for source selection.

A 10/100 base T Ethernet interface provides full control over the functionality of the system, including reference selection and output amplitude (on a per channel basis).

User control of the unit is via a built-in Web Browser with user-friendly graphical interface, or via SNMP for system applications.

Applications for the IBU-160i include test ranges, satellite control centers, shipboard time distribution, airports, rail terminals, and any system requiring highly reliable time code distribution.


  • Network Enabled Time Code Distribution Amplifier
  • Dual Time Code Inputs with Auto Failover
  • Support for Analog Time Codes between 100Hz and 100KHz
  • Programmable per channel amplitude
  • Supports SNMP v2c
  • 1U 19” rack mount
  • Redundant Hot Swappable Power Supplies



Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

Time Code Inputs  
Frequency Range

Analog Time Code
100 Hz – 100 KHz

Typical Time Codes IRIG A, B, E, G, NASA 36, XR3, AFNOR 
Amplitude & Impedance 0.5-10Vp-p, 600 Ω
Input Isolation  Transformer coupled
Number of Inputs 2
Connector Type BNC 
Input Selection Manual, Auto
Fault Inputs 
Number of Inputs 2
Signal Type TTL
Active Level Selectable for active high or low
Action Forces on-line changeover
Time Code Outputs 
Number of Outputs 16
Format Same as Input 100 Hz – 100 Khz
Output Level 1Vp-p  to +5Vp-p, short-circuit proof
Connector Type BNC
Output Isolation Transformer Isolated
Network Interface 
Interface Type 10/100 base T
Protocols HTTP, DHCP, SNMP V2c, IPV4
Connector RJ45
Console Port 
Interface Type RS232
Parameters 115200, N, 8, 1
Connector DB9
Display Type 16 bicolor LED
Functions Output status,  Ethernet settings
Status Output (Alarm) 
Type Dry relay form C contacts Ethernet SNMP trap
Alarm Function Summary of all input/output alarms (relay) Individual input, output, power (Ethernet)
Redundancy Dual redundant Single supply maintains complete unit
Voltage 90-240 VAC 50/60Hz (std), 18-36V DC Optional, 36-72VDC Optional
Power Consumption <15W
Environmental and Safety 
Operating -10 to +55ºC non condensing
Storage -40 to +85ºC
Product Safety EN60950-1: 2006 + A11-2009 +A1:2010 A12:2011 AS/NZS 60950-1:2011
EMC EN55022 Class A, EN50082-2, FCC Chapter 15 Class A
Ordering Information 
Basic Unit Includes Dual AC Power Supplies
19001001 2 input, 16 output IBU-160i
Power Options (order separately) 
19001002 Substitute 18-36 DC power for AC
19001003 Substitute 36-72 DC power for AC
Related Products:  
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The IBU-160i may be used with many of Brandywine’s precision time code sources such as the NFS220, or RTG-510 for distribution of precision time code outputs. 

alt IBU-160i Data Sheet