Network Synchronization

Brandywine offers a full line of Telecom solutions for network synchronization.  The demand for more bandwidth at lower costs is increasing each year and Brandywine has joined forces with Oscilloquartz, a world-wide leader in telecom equipment, to offer both wireline and wireless telecommunication products with the latest technology and excellent service.


OSA-5548 TSG


Timing Signal Generator, BITS clock for telecom. The 5548C system provides a scalable synchronization solution ranging from 20 unprotected up to 1000 of 1:1 protected outputs.




IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmaster clock for the distribution of synchronization over IP-based packet networks such as IP, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, IP/xPON and IP/xDSL networks.




PTP Slave clock using IEEE-1588v2 for the distribution of synchronization over IP-based packet networks.




An atomic frequency standard cesium clock based on a hyperfine transition in the ground state of the Cesium 133 atom.