The PTP80 Grandmaster Clock generates and distributes precisely synchronized time across Ethernet networks.



Precision Time Protocol (PTP), described in the IEEE 1588-2008 version 2 standard, allows for extremely precise synchronization of networks. An absolute timing accuracy of better than 100 nanoseconds to UTC can be achieved using this protocol as it uses hardware-generated timestamps. This provides significant improvements on the accuracy of network-distributed time over legacy Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.

The PTP80 uses an internal oscillator (OCXO as standard, factory upgradeable to Rubidium) disciplined by an integral GPS receiver as a highly stable time base. The use of precision oscillator options provides improved stability in holdover mode if the input source is interrupted for any reason.

The front panel has a large alphanumeric LCD, status indicator and 5-segment button for easy status and minimal configuration. The main configuration and monitoring is through a secondary network port providing web access. A range of additional output options are available, including serial, pulse, timecode and frequency - please contact our sales support team for more information.

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