The Brandywine Communications Model PDU-240 is a high output count and high performance digital pulse distribution amplifier.

The PDU-240 provides 24 output channels of a single reference pulse, typically 1 PPS, IRIG DCLS or Have Quick time code.

The PDU-240 may be configured either as a dual input distribution amplifier with automatic or manual selection, or two independent 12 channel distribution amplifiers fed from two separate sources.



  • Dual inputs with manual or automatic switchover
  • 24 individually buffered outputs
  • Pulse rates from 1ppm through 10MPPS available 

In the 24 channel, dual input configuration, the PDU- 240 detects failure of either input reference and provides manual or automatic switchover between the two input pulse reference sources.

The PDU-240 has 24 individually buffered outputs, featuring with output voltages from 3V through 10V available.

Output impedance is user selectable for ease of integration.

Power supply options include 115/230 VAC, 48, 24, or 12 VDC.

The PDU-240 is configured as a 1U 19” rack mount unit. Optional rack mount slides are available.

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet
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Pulse Outputs 
No of Outputs 24 buffered outputs from the selected input 
Pulse 1ppm through 10MPPS
Nominal Output Level


Rise Time
0-10V 20ns
0-5V 15ns
0-3.3V 10ns
Load > 50 Ω
Connector BNC
Alarm Output Relay contact Form C
Connector DB9 shared with input
Function Loss of Input
Pulse Inputs
No of Inputs Two
Pulse 1ppm through 10MPPS
Level 2.5 to 10 V
Impedance 50 /1000 ohm link selectable
Connector BNC
Alarm Input Relay contact closure or TTL level 
Connector DB9 shared with output
Function Status of external source forces reference switch
Controls & Indicators 
Control Reference Selection Switch
A, B, or Automatic

Reference A selected
Reference A available
Reference B selected
Reference B available

Temperature Instrument: -10 to +50 °C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Power 115/230 VAC 
Optional 12 VDC, 24 VDC, or 48 VDC
Dimensions 19” rack mount, 1.75” (1U) height, 8” 
Weight 11 lbs. typical

alt PDU-240 Data Sheet