Brandywine Communications offers an extensive variety of GPS time and frequency standards for commercial and/or military use. Whether you need a GPS synchronized clock such as our NFS-220 or NFS-220 Plus with the latest technology and the precision iming of GPS, Brandywine has the product you need.  Brandywine has every kind of GPS frequency standard such as a time and frequency distribution unit (our standard FDU-240), primary reference sources, time and frequency generator/ receivers, GPS frequency standards like our QFS-106, or a complete GPS Timing system and Master Clock such as the HTPS, Brandywine has everything you need with the highest level of time and frequency accuracy.

All of these products incorporate a GPS receiver which is used to continuously calibrate a frequency standard to provide both time of day and frequency information in a variety of formats including IRIG (most commonly IRIG B), Have Quick, 1PPS, and many other time code formats. This product family incorporates a large selection of price and form factor solutions to meet your GPS timing needs.

An example of one of the many uses of our GPS Clocks is in Battlefield communications.  Brandywine has fielded over 1500 low phase-noise GPS 8 frequency standards to support US battlefield satellite communication nodes.  Brandywine's expertise in building low noise time frequency standards with GPS provide our customers with exceptional performance in a low cost product.

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Brandywine Communications Inc. offers superior products to the time and frequency marketplace. Our mission is to provide the finest equipment coupled with excellent before and after sale service.

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