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KB00091: GPS8 T1 to E1 Conversion

Procedure to convert GPS8 from 1.544 MHz output to 2.048 MHz output

  1. Remove power cord from GPS8
  2. Remove top cover
  3. Remove 12.352MHz VCXO from socket on main pcba. The securing strap that secures this component in the socket can be stretched to one side to allow removal of the VCXO without cutting or desoldering. Note orientation of VCXO before removal. ( Pin 1 has sharp corner)
  4. Install replacement 16.384MHz VCXO in the same socket, ensure pin 1 is in correct orientation. Slide securing strap over VCXO in socket
  5. Install link on LK9 1-2
  6. Apply power, verify that red LED D50 does NOT illuminate.
  7. Remove power, and re-install the top cover.


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