Ruggedized High Performance NTP Server with External Time Synchronization

Introducing the ENTA-R, a ruggedized version of Brandywine’s popular ENTA II, this unit is capable of delivering HaveQuick + 1PPS to a multitude of outputs. The ENTA-R is a full function Master Clock that is designed to provide a full suite of Have Quick time code and 1PPS outputs, as well as NTP, fully compliant with NENA requirements for a Master Clock.

The ENTA-R provides four single-ended outputs that are either Have Quick or 1PPS, as well as 12 differential outputs via RS422.

The unit uses dual hot-swappable power supplies for high-reliability operation. A built-in web server provides user-friendly controls for configuring the unit. All outputs include signal level monitors to enable rapid fault-detection and isolation.



  • Versatile GPS Master Clock with Dual External GPS reference inputs
  • Dual 10/100BaseT Network interface with Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Multiple Have Quick Time Code Outputs (single ended and differential)
  • Multiple 1PPS outputs (single ended and differential)
  • High Stability Ovenized oscillator is standard
  • Ruggedized for Shipboard Usage
  • Hot-swappable Dual Redundant Power-Supplies


Reference Source Have Quick and 1PPS per ICD-GPS-060
1PPS with manual entry of time
Unit Select Input select via dry contact for selection of outputs in redundant operation
Control and Display Functions 10/100BaseT network port with integrated web server control
SNMP control
TELNET command set
Display Front panel display of HH:MM:ss
Power LED
Fault LED
Reset Switch Recessed switch used to restore unit to factory defaults
System Accuracy
Time Accuracy GPS <30ns
Holdover < 1 microsecond/hour
Operating -20 to +50°C
Storage -55 to +85°C
Dimensions 19"W x 1.73"H (1U) x 14"D rack mount

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