The M210 & M211 Modular Timing Systems offer versatile solutions to many timing applications.  This product line features two basic chassis, one with three option slots (M210) and one with nine option slots (M211).  With over thirty standard plug-in options, this product offers a complete COTS Master Clock solution to your time and frequency needs.


Modular Network Time Server with GPS Input & Expansion Slots

The Brandywine Communications family of modular time and frequency solutions offers superior performance, a wide range of option choices, ease of design. Applications for the modular family include data acquisition and telemetry system support, network synchronization, video annotation, time stamping, and displays for hospitals and public building.

Two basic chassis configurations are offered; the compact three option module M210 and the nine module M211. Both chassis accept modules for GPS and other time standard synchronization, time code input and output modules, NTP interfaces, analog clock drivers and various serial and parallel interfaces.

Product Specifications
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Option 01 LF Receiver Module – Receiver Modules for the reception of the time broadcast se

alt The M210 Chassis The M210 chassis hosts up to three of the nearly 50 available option modules while maintaining a compact 1U, rack mount form factor.
alt The M211 Chassis The M211 chassis host up to nine option modules offering the system designer unmatched flexibility while maintaining a true COTS solution.
alt Options for M210 & M211
Modular Options available for the M210 and M211