The CPCI SyncClock32 3U timing card provides precise 32 bit input/output timing to a computer that is equipped with 3U CPCI expansion slots.  This compact PCI receiver modules provide a precision time and frequency reference for the 3U CPCI chassis and PXI chassis.

  • 3U CPCI form factor
  • Optional Have Quick synchronization input
  • IRIG's A and B and NASA 36 time code inputs
  • 1PPS sync input
  • IRIG B output
  • 1PPS and time code inputs are redundant
  • Single-slot including GPS option
  • Zero latency time reads, microseconds through years
  • External Event input (optional eight and sixteen inputs)
  • Match Time output
  • Programmable Heartbeat rate
  • Many additional options

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

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