This product has been discontinued.  For it's replacement, please see the NFS-220 Plus - GPS Time and Frequency Standard with large display

The GPS8 Plus is a multi-output precision time and frequency standard that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to steer and hold an internal oscillator and clock system precisely on time.  It is designed for use in telecommunications, power utility, and military communication applications.  Time and frequency information is maintained to high accuracy by the internal oscillator even if no satellites can be tracked.  Available oscillator options include Rubidium, OCXO, or TCXO.

Low cost, full-featured GPS Time & Frequency unit with front-panel keypad and display



  • GPS synchronization
  • Choice of disciplined oscillator
  • Time code outputs
  • Two serial ports
  • Low phase noise 1, 5, 10 MHz sine waves available
  • T1, E1, 10.6608MHz available
  • Front panel keypad and Display



Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet
User Manual

1 PPS Output      
Connector BNC        
Amplitude & Impedance 0, +5Vdc from 50 Ohms        
On Time Rising Edge        
Duty Cycle 50%        
Serial Interface        
Number of Ports 2        
Connector DB9        
Type RS-232 and/or RS-4221        
Baud Rate 50-19, 2001        
Sine Wave Outputs1        
Number of outputs Two pairs of 2        
Connector BNC        
Frequency (MHz) 1, 5, 102 (select when ordering)        
Level 1 Vrms into 50 Ohms        
Isolation Transformer        
Time Code Output, Modulated Carrier1        
Number of Outputs 1        
Code Format IRIG B, 2137, NASA 361        
Level 3Vpp into 600 Ohms        
Digital Time Code & Pulse Rates1        
Outputs1 IRIG B, 1PPM, 1PPD, Programmable Rate        
Levels DC level shift (HCMOS Logic Level)        
Telecom Outputs1        
Frequency 2.048,1.544 or 19.6608 MHz, 2 ea 2        
Output G703 Section 6 2.37V pulse into 75 Ohms        
  or 3V pulse into 120 Ohms        
Frame Rate 8 kPPS, 0v and+5v from 75 Ohms        
Summary Alarm Voltage free relay changeover contacts &      
TTL level, positive or negative1          
Instrument 0 to + 50°C        
Antenna -40 to +85°C        
Humidity To 95% non-condensing      
Power 95-260 Vac, 19 W warm, 30 W cold 3      
Optional Power 18-36 Vdc, 36-72 Vdc, -48Vdc        
Dimensions 19 inch Rack Mount, 1.73 inches high (1U)      
  15.80 inches depth      
Weight 11lb typical      
EMC Emission To EN50081-1 as EN55022      
EMC Immunity To EN50082-1 as EN1000-4-2 ESD,      
  IEC 801-3 HF Field, IEC 801-4 Burst      
MTBF 159,769 Hours per Mil 217F, Notice 2,      
  25 degrees C, ground benign      
GPS Specifications          
Satellite Signal GPS L1 1575.42 MHz    
Satellite Code C/A 1.023 MHz    
Receiver Type Parallel 8 Channel, 8 Satellites tracked    
  continuously and simultaneously    
Position Accuracy 2.4 m horizontal, 5 m altitude with  
  respect to WGS-84 after 24 hours of    
  position averaging    
Warm start <20 seconds    
Autonomous Start <120 seconds    
Cold Start, Automatic No input of time or position is required    
Antenna & 100' cable Included at no extra cost.  
Dynamic Operation Specify Dynamic Mode at time of order2    
Timing Accuracy    
Tracking satellites ±150 nS. absolute to UTC*    
  Std Deviation 34 nS (Osc.-03)    
  Hourly mean 25 nS (Osc.-03)    
Holdover Mode <8 µsec/day (Osc.-03),    
  1 µsec/day (Osc.-04)  

alt GPS-8 Plus Data Sheet

alt GPS-8 Plus User Manual


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