This product has been discontinued.  For its replacement, see GPSDO


The STAR series is an OEM GPS Clock which offers superior time and frequency synchronization in a minimal space and at a ultra low cost.  Based on a state-of-the art GPS receiver, the Clock delivers 1PPS, 10 MHz and time-of-day outputs with the highest levels of accuracy and stability.


Various levels of configurations are available to easily adapt to the requirements of your Base Stations, Broadcast Station systems, and sub-systems for a discrete and cost optimized synchronization solutions.  When no valid input is available, the GPS Clock enters into holdover mode and is specially designed to hold its output frequencies to supply long hours of frequency and phase accuracies.

When enhanced with OSA’s advanced Aging and Temperature Drift Compensation (ATDC) system, the GPS Clock is the most stable GPS quartz clock available in holdover mode. It has a very thin form factor and allows for large temperature variations and harsh environmental conditions.

The GPS Clock is also fully manageable via user-friendly Configuration Manager software. Furthermore, the OSA OEM GPS Clock is highly reliable and totally maintenance-free.



Rack integration for Wireless Base stations:

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