This product has been discontinued.  For its replacement, see GPS Disciplied Oscillator

The GPS4 is a time and frequency standards that offers high stability outputs synchronized to GPS and packaged in a compact chassis.  Often specified outputs such as 1PPS, 10MHz, sine, two serial ports and IRIG B are a standard in this unit.  Synthesized frequencies of 19.6608MHz, 2.048MHz and 1.544MHz are also available.  The GPS4 also has exceptional holdover performance on the 10MHz sine wave.  Status indicators and hardware status & control lines complete the feature list of this economical time and frequency instrument.



Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

1 PPS Output        
Connector BNC          
Type TTL into 50 Ohms          
On Time Edge Rising edge          
Serial Interface        
Number of Ports 2          
Connector DB9          
Type RS-232 or RS-422 (option)          
Baud Rate 50-19,200          
Time Port            
Data Time and Date            
Message Rate 1PPS Continuous            
Control Port System set up and control          
IRIG B Time Code          
Carrier Frequency 1kHz          
Data Seconds through Days          
Amplitude 3Vpp into 600 Ohms          
Modulation Ratio 3.3 to 1          
Connector BNC          
Instrument -10°C to +60°C (DT 15°C per hour)            
Antenna -40 to +85°C            
Humidity To 95% non-condensing          
Power 15 Vdc          
Optional 24 Vdc, -48 Vdc          
Dimensions 5.8” x 5.5” x 1.5”          
Weight 3lb typical          
EMC Emission To EN50081-1 as EN55022          
EMC Immunity To EN50082-1 as EN1000-4-2 ESD,          
  IEC 801-3 HF Field, IEC 801-4 Burst          
10MHz Sine Wave Output          
Connector BNC          
Level 1 Vrms into 50 Ohms          
Accuracy 5x10-12/24 hours when locked          
Holdover 1x10-10/24 hours average          
Phase Noise            
100Hz -140dBc/Hz            
1000Hz -150dBc/Hz            
10000Hz -155dBc/Hz            
1Sec 1x10-11            
10Sec 1x10-11            
100Sec 8x10-12            
1000Sec 1x10-11            
GPS Specifications
Satellite Signal GPS L1 1575.42 MHz  
Satellite Code C/A 1.023 Mhz  
Receiver Type Parallel 8 Channel, 8 Satellites tracked  
  continuously and simultaneously  
Position Accuracy 2.4m horizontal, 5m altitude with  
respect to WGS-84 after 24 hours of        
  position averaging  
Warm start    
Autonomous Start    
Cold Start Requirement Automatic. No input of time or position  
Timing Accuracy
Tracking satellites ±100 ns. Absolute UTC Std Deviation  
  34 ns. Hourly mean 25 ns  
Holdover Mode    
Synthesizer Outputs
Frequencies 19.9608MHz, 1.544MHz, 2.048MHz  
Accuracy Same as 10MHz  
Amplitude TTL into 50 Ohms  
Connector BNC  
Status Indicators  
Power Good Flashes when out of tolerance  
Locked Illuminated to system locked to GPS  
Holdover Mode GPS input lost, making corrections to or  
  osc. based on learned information  
Alarm Illuminated when:  
  a. Internal GPS receiver fault  
  b. System Power Failure  
  c. PLL out of lock  
Hardware Status/Control Lines  
Connector DB-9  
Levels Open Collector  
Max Pull up Voltage +5Vdc  
Sink Current 30ma  
Status bit 1 /Time Lock  
Status bit 2 /System good  
Reset Input /System Reset Input  
IRIG B DC Shift    

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