This compact PCI can either be Rubidium or OCXO time based and provides functions for high precision time in a cPCI-3U board.  The card has an internal clock that can by synchronized with a time code signal.  The CPCI-RB Inputs can be coded to format IRIG B, IRIG A, or NASA.  The unit outputs four sine waves and one square wave with 10MHz standard and optional 1MHz, 5MHz and others.  There is also a 12 channel GPS synch option to this unit.

The CPCI-RB Frequency Standard combines several functions that are derived from the internal clock, such as a pulse generator, an output start/stop, a selectable frequency 1, 5 or 10 MHz (oscillator out) and an input timing (time-tag).  The time code contains the date, hour, minute and second.  The 10MHz internal oscillator is synchronized to maintain an accuracy of 1 μs.  An IRIG B signal is generated from the compact PCI; it is then synchronized with the time code signal input to create its frequency standard.


Outputing four sine waves and one square wave this compact PCI is a great solution for your frequency standards needs. 10MHz and 5MHz and other outputs are optional. Adding a 12 channel GPS synch is also an option for this unit.

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet


  • Operating with +5 to +29.5° C cooling air at a flow rate to keep exhaust temperature ≤ +50°C
  • Non-operating (-40 to +71°C)


  • Operating (2 to 85% RH – non-condensing)
  • Non-operating (100% RH – condensing)

Altitude (pressure):

  • Normal 0 to 8000 ft
  • Emergency:  41,000 ft with 10 minute descent to 8000 ft with no deleterious effect

Bench Handling:

  • Mil-Std 810 Method 516.4 procedure VI (4" drop from 1 edge of equipment)


  • Operating - 1/2 sine wave shock pulse, 6±1 g’s, for 11±1 milliseconds

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