Brandywine's OSA-3230 Cesium Clock is an atomic frequency standard based on a hyperfine transition in the ground state of the cesium 133 atom. For years, cesium beam frequency standards have been constantly improved so as to satisfy the increasingly stringent specification of time and frequency reference equipment. The availability of "easy to operate" instrument of reduced size and weight and of exceptional accuracy and stability provides the user with great flexibility in using cesium standards for meeting the stringent requirements of navigation, communication and timing systems.


The OSA-3230 Cesium Clock is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology in a very compact and reduced size. This compact OSA-3230 offers a set of operation features and performance without comparison on the market.

Available in two different versions, the long life cesium tube will meet the requirements where performances are needed over a long period of time whereas the high performance version will meet the most exigent applications.


Applications for Brandywine's OSA-3230 Cesium Clock include:

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