Brandywine Communications NTV-100DG is an affordable, convenient and flexible NTP Server. This network time server accurately time synchronizes computers, time displays, PBX’s, and a wide variety of other equipment.  The NTV-100RG is a small, rack mounted NTP Server that can synchronize to GPS or to the IRIG B time code to provide NTP time.  With eight built-in channels in a compact 1U chassis, the NTV-100DG can also accept NTP and output serial time messages for synchronizing external devices such as time displays.


Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet
User Manual

Network Interface 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
Connector RJ45
IP Address Setup Manual or automatic via DHCP
Serial Interface  
Connector DB-9 female
Electrical RS-232 and RS-485
Baud Rate 300 baud to 38.4K baud
Message Format User programmable
Update Rate Once per second
Network Time Protocol RFC1305
NTP Update Rate User programmable 1/second to 1/day
Time Zone User programmable
Daylight Savings Time User programmable, default is USA
Size and Weight 7.94" x 1.85" x 4.65" and 3 lbs.
Mounting Desktop mounted
Power 90-264 VAC < 5W
Antenna Antenna and 100’ of cable included

alt NTV-100DG Data Sheet

alt NTV-100DG User Manual