This product has been discontinued.  For its replacement, see NFS-220 Network Ready GPS Time and Frequency Standard

The GPS8 is a staple of Brandywine being a reliable, low cost Time and Frequency instrument offering a wide range of standard features in a compact, 1U rack-mount chassis.  Precision time and frequency output, accurate to 40 nano-seconds to UTC/USNO and 1x10-12 respectively, are provided in a variety of signal formats.  Applications for the GPS8 include central time and frequency systems, timing for power utility systems, and frequency standards for a wide variety of communication installations.

Low cost, full-featured GPS Time & Frequency unit


Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet
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1 PPS Output      
  Connector BNC      
  Amplitude & Impedance 0, +5Vdc from 50 Ohms      
  On Time Rising Edge      
  Duty Cycle 50%      
Serial Interface        
  Number of Ports 2      
  Connector DB9      
  Type RS-232 and/or RS-4221      
  Baud Rate 50-19, 2001      
Sine Wave Outputs1        
  Number of outputs Two pairs of 2      
  Connector BNC      
  Frequency (MHz) 1, 5, 102 (select when ordering)      
  Level 1 Vrms into 50 Ohms      
  Isolation Transformer      
Time Code Output, Modulated Carrier1        
  Number of Outputs 1      
  Code Format IRIG B, 2137, NASA 361      
  Level 3Vpp into 600 Ohms      
Digital Time Code & Pulse Rates1        
  Outputs1 IRIG B, 1PPM, 1PPD, Programmable Rate      
  Levels DC level shift (HCMOS Logic Level)      
Telecom Outputs1        
  Frequency 2.048,1.544 or 19.6608 MHz, 2 ea 2      
  Output G703 Section 6 2.37V pulse into 75 Ohms      
    or 3V pulse into 120 Ohms      
  Frame Rate 8 kPPS, 0v and+5v from 75 Ohms      
Summary Alarm Voltage free relay changeover contacts &      
    TTL level, positive or negative1      
  Instrument 0 to + 50°C      
  Antenna -40 to +85°C      
Humidity To 95% non-condensing      
Power 95-260 Vac, 19 W warm, 30 W cold 3      
  Optional Power 18-36 Vdc, 36-72 Vdc, -48Vdc      
Dimensions 19 inch Rack Mount, 1.73 inches high (1U)      
  15.80 inches depth      
Weight 11lb typical      
EMC Emission To EN50081-1 as EN55022      
EMC Immunity To EN50082-1 as EN1000-4-2 ESD,      
  IEC 801-3 HF Field, IEC 801-4 Burst      
MTBF 159,769 Hours per Mil 217F, Notice 2,      
  25 degrees C, ground benign      
GPS Specifications          
  Satellite Signal GPS L1 1575.42 MHz  
  Satellite Code C/A 1.023 MHz  
  Receiver Type Parallel 8 Channel, 8 Satellites tracked  
    continuously and simultaneously  
Position Accuracy 2.4 m horizontal, 5 m altitude with  
    respect to WGS-84 after 24 hours of  
    position averaging  
  Warm start    
  Autonomous Start    
  Cold Start, Automatic No input of time or position is required  
Antenna & 100' cable Included at no extra cost.  
  Dynamic Operation Specify Dynamic Mode at time of order2  
  Timing Accuracy  
  Tracking satellites ±150 nS. absolute to UTC*  
    Std Deviation 34 nS (Osc.-03)  
    Hourly mean 25 nS (Osc.-03)  
  Holdover Mode    
  1 µsec/day (Osc.-04)  

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