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The world famous BVA oscillator is one of the best Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) created.  Made in Switzerland, this OCXO offers not only excellent stability and quality in a Quartz Oscillator, but also the lowest phase noise and wide operating temperature ranges.


OSA-8607crystal_oscillatorThe 8607-B series is the second generation of OCXO’s using the technique of housing a state-of-the-art BVA SC-cut crystal resonator and its associated oscillator components in double oven technology. This has resulted in a significant improvement in overall frequency stability corresponding to more than 10 times better performances than any other OCXO’s available on the market. The BVA itself consists of an electrodeless, SC-cut, 3rd overtone quartz crystal resonator, decoupled from its mounting structure by four rigid bridges. This unique design has resulted in substantial features by eliminating:

1. The perturbing surface contacts between electrodes and resonator

2. The contamination problems linked to ion migration in the resonator

3. The constraints in the mounting connections

Based on the production and delivery of more than 10,000 units in BVA technology, the 8607-B features enhanced performances it comes with different versions to suit a wide variety of applications. Brandywine's OSA-8607-B BVA quartz crystal oscillator represents an excellent alternative to compact atomic standards.


  • Ultra high long term stability
  • Excellent frequency stability over temperature range.
  • Ultra low phase noise and outstanding short term stability
  • Excellent static "g " sensitivity
  • Ideal as a stand-alone reference clock with reduced
  • calibration intervals
  • Excellent immunity to temperature gradients
  • Ultra-clean signal generation for frequency multiplication
  • Reduced effects on phase noise characteristics
  • Compatible with CCITT level 2 recommendations and
  • T1X1 Stratum 2 requirements


  • Synchronization of digital networks and switching equipment
  • Frequency distribution systems for satellite ground stations
  • Radio navigation and positioning equipment
  • GPS and Loran-C receivers
  • Atomic fountain , Cesium and Hydrogen atomic frequency standards
  • Measuring and calibration equipment Frequency synthesizers
  • Satellite communications
  • Very Long Base Interferometry (VLBI)

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