NTP - We offer a large line of Network Time Servers using NTP (Network Time Protocol). These NTP Servers provide a convenient and flexible means of accurately time-synchronizing computers, time displays, PBX's, and a wide variety of other equipment. All Brandywine Network Time Servers use GPS Network Time Protocol, or NTP for network time synchronization. These network time servers are secure, reliable and easy to install within your system as an accurate timing source. A GPS NTP server will give your company the necessary timing accuracy for military applications, hospitals, technology companies and many other utilities that demand precision timing to support network accuracy and efficiency.

PTP - Brandywine Communications has engineered a high end range of instruments utilizing the Precise Time Protocol (PTP). These products utilizing IEEE 1588 PTP, can be used in many applications including TE, WiMAX, Ethernet Backhaul, Passive Optical Networks (PON), Circuit Emulation Services (CES), Electrical Power Distribution, Automation & Motion Control, Test and Measurement, and for many Military apps.
ModelSpeedForm FactorDisplaySetupSNMP SupportedSNMP VersionInput ReferenceIRIG outNo. of portsOsc. OptionsSpecial Features
IDC-100100 BaseT1UYesRS232 ConsoleYesv1IRIG BNo1CrystalLow cost
100 BASE-T1U, Desk MountYesBrowserYesv1GPS, RS232, IRIG B (opt)No1CrystalLow Cost
ENTA II100 BASE-T1UYesBrowser TelnetYesv1GPS , IRIG BYes2OCXODual NTP Servers
10 or 100 BASE-T1U, 3U, ModularYesKeypad TerminalYesv1GPS or IRIG B or Have QuickYes (opt)up to 2 (M210), up to 18 (M211)TCXO, OCXO, RbMultiple time servers in 1 chassis
100 BASE-T2U, ½ RackNoBrowserYesv1GPS, GPS (SAASM), Have Quick, IRIG B (opt)Yes1RbVarious Configurations, SA-ASM (opt)
NTP8010 or 100 BASE-T1UYesBrowser, SNMP, KeypadYesv1GPS, IRIG B, MSF, DCF-77, WWVBNo3TCXO (St), OCXO, RbRuggedized, Configurable, Distribution SAASM (opt)
NTP80010/100/1000 BASE-T1UYesBrowser, SNMP, KeypadYesv3GNSS, IRIG, Peer/Peer, Serial, 10MHz, SAASM GPS (opt.)Yes4TCXO (St), OCXO, RbRedundant Power Supplies, Ruggedized, Configurable, Distribution SAASM (opt)
FRU-SAASM100 Base-T1UNoSNMP, Windows app.Yesv1GPS/HaveQuickOpt2OCXO, RbFrequency Reference with NTP capability
TRU-SAASM100 Base-T1UNoSNMP, Windows app.Yesv1GPS/HaveQuickYes2OCXO, RbFrequency Reference with NTP capability
Modular Master Clock NTP Module100 BaseT2U ModuleTouch ScreenSNMP, Touch ScreenYesv3GPS, IRIG, HaveQuick, OpticalOptUp to 24OCXO, CSAC, RbUltra Flexible Modular System. Enhanced Stability
PTP-808010/100/1000 BaseT1UNoSNMP, Windows app, BrowserYesv1, v2c, v3PTP, GNSS, IRIGYes8OCXOPTP GrandMaster with NTP capabilty


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