Aerospace & Defense

We provide secure, precise synchronized communication for the Aerospace and Defense market sector.

We deliver assured timing technologies that deliver critical Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions that is at the core of global navigation, tracking and monitoring applications, enabling the safe and efficient execution of mission critical operations.


  • Submarines (US, UK)
    • AN/BSQ-9 – Time & Frequency Distribution System
  • Surface Ships
    • Multiple Programs Addressing Signal Intelligence
    • GPS Navigation and Timing System
  • Aircraft
    • Patrol Aircrafts
    • UAVs
    • Airborne Command Post and Communications Support Network

Air Force

  • Aircraft
    • AWACS – Airborne Warning and Control System
  • Space
    • SCNC – Satellite Control Network


  • Satcom Terminals
    • MET/PTR – Modernization of Enterprise Terminals
    • WIN-T – Warfighter Information Network – Tactical
    • SGT Terminals – Satcom Transportable Terminals

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From aerospace and defense to public transportation and industry, Brandywine Communications provides efficient, reliable synchronization and timing solutions in critical applications.

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