The M210 and M211 Modular Time Systems offer versatile solutions to many timing applications. this product line features two basic chassis with option slots.

M210 chassis hosts up to three of the 80 available option modules while maintaining a compact 1U, rack mount form factor.

The M211 is the larger version of the M210. This M211 chassis will host up to nine option modules offering the system designer unmatched flexibility while maintaining a true COTS solution.

Below is a list of the options and datasheets available for the M210 & M211. Please contact your sales manager for more details on each module.


  No. Description Type
  1 LF Receiver Module Input
  2 DC Chassis Operation Power
  4 Precision Oscillator Clock
  5 Active LF Antenna Antenna      
  7 Timecode Generator Module Input or Output
  8 Combined Timecode/Serial Output Module Output
  9 Parallel Interface Module Output
  10 Standard Frequency Output Module Output
  11 Relay Module Output
  15 GPS Receiver Module* Input
  16 LF simulator Module Output
  17 Octal Serial Module* Output
  18 Analogue Driver Module* Output
  21 Active GPS Antenna (26dB gain) Antenna
  22 Disciplined Oscillator Module Clock
  23 EBU Timecode Module Output
  24 Audio Output Module Output
  25 Video Insertion Module Output
  26 AC Measurement Module Output
  27 NTP Time Server Module Output
  27A NTP Time Server Module (100 BaseT) Output
  27B NTP Time Server Module (Three Port 100BaseT)  
  28 Passive GPS Antenna Antenna
  29 Passive LF Antenna Antenna
  32 Octal Serial Module with Precision Time Input Input /Output
  34 SDH (E1/T1) Interface Module Output
  35 Active High-gain GPS Antenna (40dB gain) Antenna
  36 Real Time Clock Module Clock
  38 Have Quick Interface Module Input or Output
  39 BITE Interface Module Output
  40 ATM Interface Module Output
  46 M211 AC/DC Power Supply Unit Power
  47 Extender card Misc
  48 Programmable Digital Synthesizer Output
  49 Programmable Sinewave Synthesiser Output
  50 LF Lightning Protector Misc
  51 GPS Lightning Protector (Passive) Misc
  52 GPS Lightning Protector (Active) Misc
  53 High Performance GPS Antenna (35dB) Antenna
  55 Intelligent Octal Serial Module Output
  56 Intelligent Serial Timecode Module Output
  57 Multiple Frequency Output Module Output
  58 Intelligent Timecode Module Output
  59 Enhanced BITE Interface Module Output
  60 3 Core Signal Interface Module Input or Output
  61 Octal Serial Generator Module Output
  62 Serial Clock Driver Module (provided as 4 modules) Output
  63 Octal Serial Module (RS485/Galvanic Isolation) Input or Output
  64 +24V Impulse Driver (Galvanic Isolation) Output
  65 Octal Analogue Driver Module Output
  66 Combined Timecode/Serial/Analogue/Relay Module* Output
  67 Fibre Optic CCS Transceiver Module Input or Output
  68 Intelligent Audio Module (for M842) Output
  69 Universal GPS Receiver Module Input
  70 GPS Head-end Antenna/Receiver (in conj w/ opt 71) Input
  71 GPS Decoder Module (in conj w/ opt 70) Input
  72 5-channel Intelligent Timecode Generator Module Output
  73 Intelligent Timecode Reader/Generator Module Input or Output
  74 5 x Fibre Optic Module Output
  80 PTP [IEEE1588] Grandmaster Clock Module Output

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