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KB00371: Adjusting Time Code Amplitude for 210000052 Intelligent Time Code Modules 210HE000A

The output levels of the amplitude modulated time-codes from module M210HE can be adjusted individually for each of four outputs, OUTPUT 1 to OUTPUT 4, in the picture below. Due to the density of components on this module the potentiometers are 4mm square miniature types so the adjustment must be made by a jeweller's screwdriver. The output level can be adjusted from zero to about 20Vpp at the carrier maximum amplitude points. If the output code is to be read by a TFS Timecode Reader it should not normally be set much higher than 3Vpp. At very low level settings the module will start to indicate an output fault.

The remaining potentiometer RV8, in the same column of potentiometers on the PCB, adjusts the output of an unmodulated carrier output (100Hz, 1kHz or 10kHz according to jumper selection) which is at output 5.

Three remaining potentiometers on the board RV1, RV3 and RV5 adjust the carrier-phase to ensure that the zero-crossing point of each of the three carriers is 'on-time' and that the amplitude change of the modulated outputs occurs at zero carrier level, giving a clean transition in amplitude. They are factory-set and should not require readjustment.

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