Brandywine Communications Delivers First Precision Time System with M-code (PTS-M) for Secure GPS Support


SANTA ANA, CA — Brandywine Communications, a leading provider of precision timing and frequency products to the Defense and Aerospace markets, has shipped their first product that fully supports the new M-code, a secure GPS Signal used by warfighters and the replacement for the aging SAASM  receivers. With this update to their product line, Brandywine Communications is enabling warfighters to have confidence in their secure timing signals for mission critical applications.

The PTS-M is the first of many Brandywine products to be updated from SAASM to support M-code GPS.  Engineered for mission success, the PTS-M, prioritizes unparalleled reliability and synchronization, a critical attribute for military operations in challenging and diverse environments. With this update, Brandywine PTS line of products are further hardened against spoofing and jamming attacks.

“The addition of M-Code support to our PTS product line is key to maintaining the security of the GPS signal to guard against jamming and spoofing attacks on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.”  Said Allen Ronk, President of Brandywine Communications.  “The continued use of the legacy SAASM receivers has an increasing risk of an adversary reverse engineering the signal for the purposes of GPS spoofing, highlighting the critical nature of products like the PTS-M from Brandywine.”

The first shipments began in Q4 of 2023.

Founded in 1995, Brandywine Communications is a premiere synchronization company, manufacturing ultra-precise time & frequency products and solutions for advanced communication and timing systems that deliver precision performance reliably, in the harshest of conditions. The Company operates manufacturing facilities in the United States and United Kingdom and its products are sold globally.

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