Brandywine Communications Combines Engineering and Manufacturing Team into a New Facility


SANTA ANA–Brandywine Communications, a leading provider of time & frequency equipment to the aerospace and defense markets, has just finished combining their engineering and manufacturing operations into a new facility in Santa Ana, California.

The new facility will enable easier collaboration between the engineering and manufacturing teams, allowing faster delivery and better customer service.

“We are very excited to be bring Brandywine’s Manufacturing and Engineering back under the same roof,” said Allen Ronk, Brandywine Communications President, “by having Engineering and Manufacturing in the same building, we are bringing back the collaborative nature that Brandywine started with.  This change will enable our progression towards a more agile and versatile product offering. Our engineers will actively participate in the manufacturing process every step of the way, collaborating with our manufacturing team in the design process to make a product that is ready from the very first design.”

Brandywine’s new 36,000 square foot facilities includes multiple SMT manufacturing lines alongside a dedicated test and assembly areas will enable more efficient and collaborative workflows within the facility.

With this move, Brandywine Communications will enhance its capacity to  serve more customers, delivering faster turnaround times.

Founded in 1995, Brandywine Communications is a premiere synchronization company, manufacturing ultra-precise time & frequency products and solutions for advanced communication and timing systems that deliver precision performance reliably, in the harshest of conditions. The Company operates manufacturing facilities in the United States and United Kingdom and its products are sold globally.

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