Universal GPS and Time Code Processor

Brandywine’s RTG-510 has been designed for the customers in need of the latest technology and precision time to upgrade their current systems with a universal GPS time code processor to be able to output multiple key time codes at the same time.

The RTG-510 master clock will synchronize to almost any timing input, including GPS, IRIG A, B, E, G, Have Quick, NASA36, and simultaneously output IRIG A, B, E, G, H, HaveQuick, 1PPS, dual NTP and RS232 to your system.  This versatile unit has a 9-digit time display, a built-in web browser for easy use, and has dual redundant power supplies for reliability.  Built with either TCXO or OCXO (std) or rubidium oscillators, the RTG-510 has the ability to track incoming time code over +/- 200ppm to allow time code conversion from legacy tape playback systems.

Brandywine has created an intuitive, easy to use web browser interface allows simple setup of the RTG-510 from any network connected computer, tablet or smart phone.


  • Universal GPS , IRIG A, B, E, G, NASA36, and HaveQuick inputs
  • 12 channel GPS receiver
  • 16 programmable outputs for time codes and pulse rates
  • Output codes include NTP, IRIG A, B, E, G, H, NASA36, HaveQuick, 1PPS
  • Electrical time code input/output
  • Dual Independent Ethernet ports with integrated web server control
  • High Stability Oven Controlled Oscillator Standard
  • 9-Digit Time Display
  • Redundant Hot Swappable Power Supplies
  • 1U 19” rack mount