Precise Time Measurement Instrument

The TimeSpy precisely measures the time accuracy of a wide range of inputs (such as: NTP, IRIG B, 1PPS, and ASCII) against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator, displayed on the large, full color windows-based touch screen. The TimeSpy can precisely measure the time error at the point of use for systems where time is distributed over large distances. The TimeSpy can also measure free-running clocks and timing systems which are synchronized from untraceable sources, such as television and radio broadcasts, electrical power lines and the internet.


A precise measurement tool for a wide range of signals, such as NTP, IRIG B, 1PPS, ASCII against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator.

  • Measures and displays the difference between input time signal and UTC
  • Capable of measuring a wide variety of time signal inputs
  • Timing resolution of better than 1 nanosecond
  • Absolute accuracy of up to 50 nanoseconds to UTC
  • Automatic identification and analysis of Modulated Carrier Timecodes
  • Full color touch-screen with user-friendly Windows-based operating system
  • USB port on front panel for easy access downloads for subsequent analysis of data
  • Robust, portable design for all industrial applications
  • Input available for measurement of relay opening/closing
  • User-selectable threshold for alarm generation
  • Robust, portable design for all industrial applications


Measurement Reference Source Internal C/A Code GPS Receiver with case-mounted antenna
Time Accuracy (1ơ) 30ns over 24 hours
Internal Time Interval Measurement 0.2ns resolution with built-in self-calibration
External GPS Antenna Connection Optional
Oscillator Type Rubidium
Frequency Stability
Frequency Stability (tracking satellites) 3x10-12 over 100s
Frequency Aging without GPS 3x10-11 per month
USB Ports +/-30ns per hour
USB Ports 2 for printer / Data Logging / Removable Memory
Number of Ethernet Ports 4x 100BaseT Connectors
1PPS 0V to 5V pulse from 50 ohm BNC connector
USB Ports 0V to 5V square wave from 5 0ohm BNC connector
USB Ports IRIG-B AC, IRIG-B DC [BNC connector]

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