VME SyncClock32

Single Slot 6U, 32-bit Precision Timing Module

The VME timing card is a standard board level product of Brandywine Communications.  With a single slot 6U, 32 bit precision timing module, the VME card is compatible with VME computers. Precision synchronization to various inputs and convenient timing outputs to external equipment are standard on Brandywine’s VME card. With Brandywine’s countless options, you can customize your VME card to fit your needs. The VME syncclock32 card has a rich history in many mission critical deployments around the world and provide the quality and reliability expected from Brandywine’s bus level timing products.


  • 6U single slot VME form factor
  • Nine digit time display
  • Optional Have Quick synchronization input
  • IRIG’s A and B and NASA 36 time code inputs
  • 1PPS sync input
  • IRIG B output
  • 1PPS and time code inputs are redundant
  • Single-slot including GPS option
  • Zero latency time reads, microseconds through years
  • External Event input (optional eight and sixteen inputs)
  • Match Time output
  • Programmable Heartbeat rate
  • Video Time Inserter Option
  • Many additional options

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