The M210 is a Modular Timing System provides a Master Clock based upon a central microprocessor and a precision oscillator time base for many applications including synchronizing computers, telemetry systems, scientific experiments, communication networks or for the precise displaying of time of day. Offering a true COTS solution and with three slots and over thirty options, the M210 is truly a reliable and proven design to meet your timing needs.


Modular Network Time Server with GPS or Irig Input & Expansion Slots

The M210 Modular Time Systems offer versatile solutions to many timing applications. this product line features two basic chassis with option slots.

M210 chassis hosts up to three of the 80 available option modules while maintaining a compact 1U, rack mount form factor.

To see the list of options available for the M210, go to the M210 & M211 Options page.

Product Specifications
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Performance Specification at 20°C

Time Accuracy:           Standard crystal oscillator maintains free‑run

accuracy of 20 milliseconds over 4 hours at 20°C.


Display:                       2 row by 24 character LCD.  Character height



Keyboard:                    5 button keyboard for equipment configuration

and control.  Storage of equipment configuration in non-volatile



Power:                         90-260V AC ± 10% 50‑60Hz Load 40W (typical)- subject to

options and oscillator fitted.  Connection via 3 pin IEC plug.


Mechanical:                 19 inch rack mounting 1U high 305mm deep. The chassis has

provision for up to 3 option modules to be fitted within the unit.




Environment (Operation and Storage)

Temperature:              0°C to +40°C

Humidity:                     Up to 95% RH (non-condensing)

EMC:                           CE Compliant

alt M210 Data Sheet    


There are 80 modular options for the M210 and M211. Below is our options datasheet and if you would like more details on specific modules, please look at our Modular Options page.

alt M210-M211 Options Data Sheet Firmware Update 18d-9 for 210LA 3-Port NTP Module for M210 and M211












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