Brandywine’s M212 Master Clock System represents the next generation of modular timing systems.  Built as a commercial derivative of the highly successful ruggedized Modular Master Clock, the M212 provides assured timing capabilities using Brandywine’s Timewall™ technology.


  • Modular design with multiple reference paths built in for high-availability.
  • 6 expansion slots for customization and expansion.
  • Industry-first GPS integrity checking with Timewall™
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master crosschecking and failover 
  • LCD display and keypad for basic status and configuration – secure web browser for detailed setup.

At the center of the M212 system is Brandywine’s powerful Master Clock Module (MCM).  The MCM may be synchronized by a variety of reference sources and uses the selected reference to steer an embedded oscillator to provide stable and accurate time and frequency for the M212.  Multiple references can be prioritized with automatic failover.  Uniquely, the MCM’s Timewall™ algorithms validate the GPS reference based upon the inherent stability of the MCM oscillator, providing hardening against possible GPS spoofing.

Available input reference selections include GNSS (both commercial GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/IRNSS) and SAASM GPS receivers are supported), IRIG-B, and Have Quick/1PPS. In addition, an MCM may be synchronized to up to 2 other M212 chassis using a fiber optic crosslink, this provides additional resiliency for the M212 time and frequency references.

The base oscillator in the M212 is a high quality Temperature Compensated Crystal oscillator, but the M212 optionally can be ordered with other reference oscillator choices, including Rubidium, Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) and Ovenized Oscillator (OCXO).

The output signals for the M212 are generated by up to 6 Output Signal Modules (OSM), and are ideal for custom solutions or future expansion.  Available modules include NTP, low-phase-noise frequency, time code modules such as IRIG A, B, G, H, and NASA 36, BCD, PPS, PPM, Have Quick, serial data (RS232/422) as well as optical crosslink.  

The M212 status and control is via front panel display for basic configuration and status, a secure web browser, and via SNMPv3.  Network protocols also fully support privacy and authentication.

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