The TimeSpy precisely measures the time accuracy of a wide range of inputs (such as: NTP, IRIG B, 1PPS, and ASCII) against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator, displayed on the large, full color windows-based touch screen.  The TimeSpy can precisely measure the time error at the point of use for systems where time is distributed over large distances.  The TimeSpy can also measure free-running clocks and timing systems which are synchronized from untraceable sources, such as television and radio broadcasts, electrical power lines and the internet.


A precise measurement tool for a wide range of signals, such as NTP, IRIG B, 1PPS, ASCII against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator

TimeSpy is available in three models with increasing levels of functionality to enable you to select the most appropriate for your needs: 

Product Specifications
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Measurement Reference Source        
Internal C/A Code GPS Receiver with case-mounted antenna        
Time Accuracy (1ơ) 30ns over 24 hours        
Internal Time Interval Measurement: 0.2ns resolution with built-in self-calibration        
Optional connection to external GPS Antenna        
Internal Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator        
Frequency Reference stability: 3x10-12 over 100s      
Frequency aging without GPS: 3x10-11 per month      
Loss of Time accuracy without GPS: +/-30ns per hour      
Interfaces & Outputs        
2 x USB Ports for printer/ data logger/ removable memory        
Network Connection 100Base-T Ethernet [RJ-45 connector]        
1pps: 0V to 5V pulse from 50ohms [BNC connector]        
10MHz: 0V to 5V square wave from 50ohms [BNC connector]        
IRIG-B AC, IRIG-B DC [BNC connector]        
NTP [RJ-45 connector]        
Have-Quick, Extended Have-Quick        
Input Measurement Accuracy Against GPS Time Resolution    
1pps [TTL;ST Fibre*;Differential (RS422); relay input]: +/-50ns 0.2ns    
1ppm [TTL;ST Fibre*;Differential (RS422); relay input]: +/-50ns 0.2ns    
1pph [TTL;ST Fibre*;Differential (RS422); relay input]: +/-50ns 0.2ns    
IRIG-B AC & 1kHz carrier based codes [TTL;Diff]: +/-1µs 100ns    
IRIG-b & DC Timecodes:        
ASCII Serial time message RS232:   +/-1µs    
ASCII Serial time message RS422:   +/-100ns    
ASCII Serial time message RS485:   +/-100ns    
NTP/ SNTP:        
DCF-77 Timecode [TTL]:        
Input Specifications        
AC Timecodes: Nominal Input: 10Vpp    
  Peak to Peak Min/Max: 2.5Vpp/ 12Vpp    
  Input Impedance: 60kohm    
    Pulse DC Level Shift RS232
Pulse Input: Nominal Input: 0V to 2.5V 0V to 2.5V +/-9V
  Input Low Max: 0.9V 0.9V + 0.8V
  Input High Max: 1.4V 1.4V + 2.4V
  Input Impedance 1.2kohm 1.2kohm 5kohm
RS422 Input: Common Mode: -7V to + 12V    
  Differential Threshold Min/Max: -0.2V/ + 0.2V    
  Input Impedance: 12kohm    
Power: 110/230V AC + 6% - 10% 48-62 Hz Load 50VA      
  Internal rechargeable battery, nominal 3-hr battery life with 4-hr time to recharge      
Mechanical: Portable Instrument Case      
Dimensions: 350mm(W) x 150mm(H) x 260mm(D)      
Weight: 9kg      
Environmental: Temperature: 0˚C to + 40˚C    
(Operation & Storage) Humidity: Up to 95% RH (non-condensing)    
  EMC: CE Compliant    

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Data Sheet

alt TimeSpy

User Manual


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