Brandywine Communications and the Coronavirus Emergency


To our Customers, Vendors and Community Members


Subject: Coronavirus Emergency


On March 19th2020, the Governor of California issued Executive Order N-33-20 which ordered all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors, as outlined in One of these critical infrastructure sectors is identified as the “Defense Industrial Base Sector”

Brandywine Communications has confirmed that they are included in this exempt sector, and are therefore remaining open, but with adjustments to mitigate risk to the health of our employees and community.

These risk mitigation steps have included the following:

  • Request all face to face non-essential visits from vendors and sales representatives be conducted via electronic means. 
  • Encourage required customer face to face meetings to be conducted via Skype or other remote means
  • Setting up employees with safe 6’ procedures in place to continue work
  • Allowing employees to work remotely and providing secure means to do so
  • Cancelled all travel
  • Currently verifying in-process inventories and confirming delivery status of open orders to mitigate any scheduling delays. The situation in the supply chain is dynamic, and we are responding to this with the  information we have, but there are many unknowns that make it extremely difficult to predict delivery dates to customers far in advance. We are committed to informing customers what we know, when we know it, but our ability to guarantee future delivery dates is limited.

The health and safety of our BWC team, our customers and vendors, as well as our community is our top priority. As a result of the constantly evolving health events due to COVID-19 virus, BWC is closely monitoring the recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Orange County state and local officials. 

We continue to rely on their recommendations and expertise to drive our decisions.


Gary Smith


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