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NTP - what is an NTP server

NTP, Network Time Protocol Frequently Asked Questions


What is NTP?

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol.  It is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network.  NTP uses UTC, Universal Time Coordinated, previously known as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time.  NTP is highly accurate and has a resolution of less than a nanosecond.

A synchronization network may consist of several reference clocks. Each node of such a network can exchange time information either bidirectional or unidirectional. Even when a network connection is temporarily unavailable, NTP can use measurements from the past to estimate current time error.  Network Time protocol is also fault-tolerant and will automatically select the best of several available time sources to synchronize to.

What is an NTP Server?

An NTP Server is a Network Time Server using Network Time Protocol (NTP) to ensure high accuracy of time. Time Servers and NTP are widely used to synchronize the time on computer networks. NTP provides the ability to access time servers, organize the time synchronization subnet and adjust the local clock in each participating subnet computer. Typically, NTP provides accuracies of between 1 and 50 milliseconds depending on the time source and network paths.

What Does Brandywine offer for NTP Servers?

Brandywine offers a full line of NTP Servers built with the highest accuracy to meet your needs. Whether you need a small GPS NTP Server like our NTA-100GM or a full function Master Clock with the latest IXO technology like our ENTA II, Brandywine Communications has the right solution to your timing need. Click here to see our full list of NTP Servers.

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