Telecommunication networks require highly accurate clocks for the effective transmission of digital signals. One of the primary objectives of telecommunication networks is to guarantee, at the connection between different networks, a slip rate of less than one slip in 72 days.
Meeting these stringent specifications requires the implementation of a Primary Reference Clock (PRC) that must generate signals with an accuracy better than 1E-11, at all times. Generally, this is achieved using Cesium clock technology, often combined with GPS receivers as backup sources. Unlike off-air receivers, Cesium clocks are autonomous, self-contained primary references immune from external influences.


The Oscilloquartz’s 3230B Cesium Clock is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology to serve complex applications where an extremely accurate reference signal is needed in a minimum size.
The OSA 3230B Cesium Clock offers a unique set of operational features and performance, including greatly enhanced and easy integration into industrial, professional time and frequency host systems. With its long life cesium tube and its extremely high flexible output type capacity, the OSA 3230B is the most flexible and the most compact Primary Reference Clock Source available on the market, which will meet the most stringent requirements where any type of clock signal with G.811 performances is needed over a long period.

Key Features:

  • Performances exceeding ITU-T G.811 / Stratum 1 PRCOSA-3230Bgraph
  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 during entire life
  • Long life 10 years cesium tube
  • Extremely compact size — 4U high (176mm) ETSI 240mm depth with front access connector, or 3U (132mm) 19’’ standards 400mm depth with rear access connectors
  • 10 MHz and 5MHz low noise output
    100kHz to 50MHz programmable sine wave analog output
  • 3x Auxiliary outputs configurable between 1PPS / 1MHz / 5MHz / 10MHz TTL with the possibility to
    synchronize to an external reference
  • 1PPS external synchronization input
  • Optional Signal Expansion, providing 5 additional outputs: 4x configurable between 1PPS / 10MHz /
    2MHz / 2Mbits/s E1 (G703) with SSM / T1, + 1x additional programmable sine wave 100kHz to 50MHz
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs
  • Control and monitoring via alarm contacts and RS232 communication (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system).
  • TCP/IP Remote management port for TL1 and/or SNMP Management

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

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Brandywine's OSA-3230 Cesium Clock is an atomic frequency standard based on a hyperfine transition in the ground state of the cesium 133 atom. For years, cesium beam frequency standards have been constantly improved so as to satisfy the increasingly stringent specification of time and frequency reference equipment. The availability of "easy to operate" instrument of reduced size and weight and of exceptional accuracy and stability provides the user with great flexibility in using cesium standards for meeting the stringent requirements of navigation, communication and timing systems.


The OSA-3230 Cesium Clock is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology in a very compact and reduced size. This compact OSA-3230 offers a set of operation features and performance without comparison on the market.

Available in two different versions, the long life cesium tube will meet the requirements where performances are needed over a long period of time whereas the high performance version will meet the most exigent applications.


  • Allan deviation σ(τ) = 2.7x10-11 T-1/2 for long life version and σ(τ) = 8.5x10-12 T-1/2 for high performance version
  • Front or Rear access connectors
  • 3U high (133mm / 5.24'') — less than 200mm depth, compatible with ETSI and 19'' standards
  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 / ±5x10-13 for high performance version
  • 10 MHz low noise direct output
  • Programmable 1 / 5 / 10 MHz TTL output
  • 10 years warranty on cesium tube (3 years for high performance version)
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS232 (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system.

Applications for Brandywine's OSA-3230 Cesium Clock include:

  • Calibration of laboratory's equipment
  • Reference for microwaves applications
  • Interferometry, Spatial applications
  • Nanometrology, medical devices, semiconductors
  • Reference source for Navigation and localization systems

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

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The Brandywine Communications QFS-106 is a high performance frequency standard. This 1-U 19” rack-mount has two internal oscillator options (OCXO or a free-running Rubidium Oscillator) to create the low aging, short and long term frequency stability needed.


A wide variety of applications for the Frequency Standard QFS-106 that require a precise frequency standard include radar systems, missile range timing systems, satellite command terminals, GPS monitoring stations, calibration labs and test equipment.  This rack-mounted frequency standard has six individually buffered low phase noise outputs and if more are required, multiple units can be daisy-chained to a single reference.



Some of the features of the QFS-106 frequency standard are the option of a high stability OCXO or Rubidium Oscillator, 6 individually buffered outputs, and low phase noise output buffers.  The QFS-106 is one of Brandywine's standard products, built at our manufacturing office in Tustin, CA, this is the most reliable frequency standards with quick delivery and U.S. made.


Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet
User Manual

Physical/ Environmental Information:


Temperature:                -30 to +60°C

Humidity:                      95% non-condensing

Size:                            19” x 1.72” X 6.15”

Weight:                         3lb typical

QFS-106 Datasheet


This compact PCI can either be Rubidium or OCXO time based and provides functions for high precision time in a cPCI-3U board.  The card has an internal clock that can by synchronized with a time code signal.  The CPCI-RB Inputs can be coded to format IRIG B, IRIG A, or NASA.  The unit outputs four sine waves and one square wave with 10MHz standard and optional 1MHz, 5MHz and others.  There is also a 12 channel GPS synch option to this unit.

The CPCI-RB Frequency Standard combines several functions that are derived from the internal clock, such as a pulse generator, an output start/stop, a selectable frequency 1, 5 or 10 MHz (oscillator out) and an input timing (time-tag).  The time code contains the date, hour, minute and second.  The 10MHz internal oscillator is synchronized to maintain an accuracy of 1 μs.  An IRIG B signal is generated from the compact PCI; it is then synchronized with the time code signal input to create its frequency standard.


Outputing four sine waves and one square wave this compact PCI is a great solution for your frequency standards needs. 10MHz and 5MHz and other outputs are optional. Adding a 12 channel GPS synch is also an option for this unit.

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet


  • Operating with +5 to +29.5° C cooling air at a flow rate to keep exhaust temperature ≤ +50°C
  • Non-operating (-40 to +71°C)


  • Operating (2 to 85% RH – non-condensing)
  • Non-operating (100% RH – condensing)

Altitude (pressure):

  • Normal 0 to 8000 ft
  • Emergency:  41,000 ft with 10 minute descent to 8000 ft with no deleterious effect

Bench Handling:

  • Mil-Std 810 Method 516.4 procedure VI (4" drop from 1 edge of equipment)


  • Operating - 1/2 sine wave shock pulse, 6±1 g’s, for 11±1 milliseconds

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Brandywine Communications has engineered a class leading range of ultra precision and accurate frequency standard references to meet the demanding timing needs of our global customer base. Our frequency standards use hydrogen, cesium, rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators to deliver the highest accuracy, stability and reliability for any environment needing a precise timing standard.

Brandywine's frequency standard products are used in telecommunications, navigation and targeting systems, radar systems, satellite command terminals, advanced communications and precision test and measurement applications. These products are cost-efficient and compact, forming highly stable reference signal products for precision test and measurement applications.



Cesium Clock - atomic frequency standard is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology in a very compact and reduced size



High performance, cost effective, free running frequency standard using either an ovenized quartz or rubidium oscillator to create the low aging, short and long term frequency stability needed. Made in the U.S.A.



OSA-8873 - Double Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

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